Booking the Ferry!

Booking the Ferry!

Blog March 4, 2017

So this is the week that ‘Dave’ read about in one of the newsletters some weeks ago but forgot to mention it to the other team members. Luckily for you, teams don’t have to rely on ‘Dave’ as we are on hand to remind you! Not only can we... Read more
Adding Team Members

Adding Team Members

Blog March 2, 2017

GPS Coordinates Tip No.3
One of the biggest frustrations and argument creator in a Scumrun car is “whether Dave entered the coordinates correctly” Unlike telephone numbers if you get a digit wrong on the coordinates you won’t just get a wrong number you will most likely get a new passport stamp as you... Read more

Insurance Hot

Blog February 27, 2017

As with previous years we have teamed up with Herts Insurance to offer entrants short term cover specifically designed for Banger Rallies. We were the first to implement this and this is without doubt the easiest route in making sure you’re covered for the forthcoming trip. The information below... Read more
Survival Tip 2

Survival Tip 2

Blog February 26, 2017

Steam from your radiator doesn’t have to ruin your day or cost a fortune to repair. Simply pour in Radweld and the advanced formula will target leaks in your radiator, sealing them permanently. – Seals leaks in minutes – Simply pour and fix – No clogging or damaging effect... Read more
Survival Tip

Survival Tip Hot

Blog February 25, 2017

When tasking/instructing/ordering one of the team to go and grab lunch whilst the other re-fuels be aware you’re about to play Petrol Station Roulette (especially if you send Dave) You simply won’t have time to file that complaint under the Misdescriptions Act so make sure you stipulate you actually... Read more
How to keep going!

How to keep going!

Blog February 24, 2017

Next, in our series of helpful hints and tips, we deal with the inevitable situation that your car has broken down. Cars normally breakdown for a reason and we can normally determine what this reason is by the 1st call the team make to the organisers. Scumrun organisers are... Read more
Camping Advice (for newbies)
So you’ve entered and you have the car and everyone in your family is bored with you going on and on about the forthcoming Scumrun! What on earth can you talk to them about now? Camping obviously!! The camping element of Scumrun is not how you may recall your... Read more
How to enter Scumrun without any planning? (Tip 1)
1 – Visit and search cars, making sure to narrow your search to max budget £550 and vehicles with Tax / Mot 2 – From your list disregard anything without a ‘V’ engine wise. Popular choices are V8 but we have had V12 and V6 before. 3 – Ideally you... Read more