You’ll have gathered that Scumrun is a driving event (we hope!)  But we’re sure you want to know more about the cars.  Well, the idea is that anything and everything goes as long as it meets the class criteria.  We’ve had Rolls Royce, Mini, many a German V8, fire engines, decommissioned ambulances and almost everything else you can think of.

The challenge is to get your car round the route, but also to modify the car be that in a comical or more serious fashion.  Check out the gallery or our Facebook page for some beauties from previous years.  Each year we are amazed at the effort and skill that goes into both raising old cars from the grave and modifying them (for the better or in some cases worse!)


You may have already lined up a suitable car, or you may intend to purchase a project.  In either case reliability is the key people!  Make it loud or make it comfortable, the choice is yours but without some hard work, sweat and tears you could be stranded by the side of a motorway if you haven’t taken the time to check the mechanics first.  The great thing about Scumrun is that we’re a family.  Part of the challenge is working on a car in advance of the event, and making sure it’s ready to roll.  We encourage teams to chat on our Facebook page, where tips and advice from other team members is available in abundance!


Car Value

The ‘limit’ is defined as per the class you enter and based on the vehicle’s value in its current state and roadworthiness according to the Parkers Price Guide.  To allow some movement, teams are permitted to exceed this value by no more than 20%. Upon entering the event, if the ‘Scumrun Judge of Fact’ feels the vehicle value is in excess of the entry requirements, then the team will be advised accordingly and may be moved to another classification. For those on the border line, if we feel we could purchase the vehicle for the classification limit (or less) then it is deemed acceptable to enter that class.


Safety & Roadworthiness

Cars can be purchased in their salvage or scrap state and their ‘salvage value’ is used as the vehicle purchase price meaning you get more bang for your buck.  This type of project does take time but is rewarding with ‘Best Modified Car’ being one of the trophies available for those who go down this route.  If you take this route, as with every car, it will need to be UK road legal with a valid MOT and, importantly, be safe and fit to drive on the road.

Scumrun mileage


If you are more inclined to purchase direct from Ebay, Autotrader or similar, then you may wish to decorate your car. BUT, be careful as not all European countries have the same sense of humour us Brits do.  Teams who go down this route will be considered for the ‘Best Dressed Car’ prize category.  Please remember that regardless of your decorations the vehicle still needs to be road worthy, insured, MOT’d and most importantly safe for the duration of the event and during the overnight stops.

Scumrun car


The maximum mileage covered on Scumrun’s European Tour is approximately 3000 miles, although we won’t divulge the route (that’s the whole point, right?!)  This information should allow you to formulate a budget for fuel based on the car’s specific capabilities.  While tolls are sometimes part of the route they are not compulsory and can be avoided with some clever map reading.  Consider Sat Nav, Google Maps, or CB radios to ensure that you can not only stand some hope of finding the checkpoints, but also ask for help if required from fellow team mates. CB radios are great if you’re coming with a group of teams.  We will also have a WhatsApp group available for teams to ‘chat’ on event.  Although we do expect you to keep this chat clean people.

Scumrun mileage