Terms and Conditions of Entry

To take part on Scumrun you will need rally insurance to cover you as your normal car policy does not cover rallies and you will be driving without insurance.
 We work with Herts Insurance to get you the very best price for your needs.
 Herts Insurance will give you the right cover for the best price on the market.

1.0 – It is your responsibility to have adequate insurance cover on the first day when we check you in.

2.0 – Scumrun (the “Event”) is not a race.

2.1 – You must not compete in any manner with other participants.

2.2 – Teams must not put themselves or their team members in danger as a result of any actions either on the Highway or overnight stops

2.3 – You must not place any bets of any kind in relation to the Event.

2.4 – You must drive safely and with proper courtesy to all participants and members of the public.

3.0 – You must hold a current valid and unrestricted driver’s license if you are to drive the vehicle and you must possess a current and valid passport (together with any relevant visas if applicable).

3.1 – Scumrun Ltd (the “Organiser”) accepts no responsibility for the consequences of you being refused passage and/or entry/exit to or from any state/country visited en route, and in particular any additional costs incurred are you own responsibility.

3.2 – You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country in which you are traveling including without limitation, all speed regulations, laws of the road, laws relating to the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle and laws relating to the possession or use of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances.

3.3 – If you consistently or flaringly breach speed regulations and the laws of the road the organiser reserves the right to prohibit
 you from participating further in the Event and you will be sent home.

4.0 – You must conduct yourself appropriately at all times bearing in mind the rules of the campsites and other venues used during the Event.

4.1 – You must not consume alcohol while driving.

4.2 – You must not drive under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance at any time and pass an alcohol breath test prior to driving and receiving your route card.

4.3 – You must not consume any illegal substances at any time during the Event.

4.4 – You must not drive if your ability to do so safely and properly is in any way
 compromised by illness, lack of adequate rest, or other condition.

4.5 – You must not drive the team vehicle if your team vehicle suffers any incident or damage, which may affect its roadworthiness, or if you experience any problems with any systems relating to the braking steering, exhaustion of gasses, or cooling of the car or its engine. Furthermore you must ensure that the tyres of your vehicle meet minimum standard regulations and that they keep and maintain at least this minimum standard for the
duration of the Event.

5.0 – You must present to the Organiser upon registration on the first day of the Event any document or certificate pertaining to the vehicle or driver of the vehicle, which they may require you to provide.

5.1 – These will include but shall not be limited to the registration document of the vehicle, the current and valid M.O.T. certificate of the vehicle, the current and valid UK tax disc of the vehicle, the current and valid insurance certificate for the vehicle and its drivers and passengers, proof of identity of the registered keeper of the vehicle and unrestricted drivers licenses for each team member who
shall drive at any time during the Event.

5.2 – All team members must be at least l8 years of age on the first day of the Event which they are participating in. You must obtain and maintain appropriate motor insurance covering your participation in the Event and shall provide reasonable proof of such insurance in a form satisfactory to the Organiser.

5.3 – If you violate any of the terms and conditions or refuse to follow the instructions given to you during the Event by the Organiser, you may be prohibited from further participation in the Event.

5.4 – The Organiser reserves the right to refuse participation in the Event at any time for any reason whatsoever.

5.5 – In case of refusal to allow you to participate, no refunds of the entry fee will be made.

5.6 – The Organiser reserves the right to make changes
 to the format or route of the event, notice of any change will be given to all participants in advice of such a change.

6.0 – By participating in the Event you consent to be photographed and to be included in the filming of footage documenting the Event.

6.1 – You hereby waive all rights of publicity or privacy and grant the Organiser full and complete permission to utilise and exploit your appearance in the Event in any and all manner and media throughout the world in perpetuity.

6.2 – Scumrun (the “Organiser”) will disclose your contact details to the nominated Charity for the Event in which you are partaking. You agree to support this nominated charity by signing our terms and conditions. You agree to make your best efforts to raise funds for this nominated charity, as part of your participation in the Event.  The contact information provided will allow the Charity to contact you to communicate their aims and objectives and provide fundraising advice and support where applicable.

6.3 – You expressly release the Organiser, employees, consultants, licensees and assigns from and against any and all claims which you have or may have for invasion of privacy, defamation or any other cause of action arising out of the production, distribution, broadcast or exhibition of photographs, footage or any promotional materials.

7.0 – You are entitled to take photographs and film footage of your participation in the Event for non-commercial purposes (that is for personal and private use only).

7.1 – Specifically, you are not entitled to reproduce or use photographs or footage of the Event on any website, in any printed media, social media or matter or in any television programme without first obtaining the prior consent of the Organiser which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

7.2 – You shall
 not be entitled to use the Scumrun Trademarked logo for any purpose whatsoever without obtaining the prior written consent of the Organiser.

7.3 – In particular, you shall not be entitled to use the Scumrun logo on any website, platform, social media platform or in printed materials without obtaining the Organiser’s prior consent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

7.4 – The Organiser reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time subject to notifying you of the changes.

7.5 – You shall be deemed to have accepted the amended terms and conditions by participating in the Event.

8.0 – You will indemnify the Organiser, against any and all claims, lawsuits and causes of action whatsoever and howsoever arising and brought against them by any third party as a result of your action or participation in the Event; including without limitation, your violation of any laws or regulations or breach of these Terms and Conditions of Entry.

9.0 – These terms and conditions and your participation in the Event are governed by English law, and you submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

10.0 – Risks associated with taking part in the Event. You acknowledge and realise that participation in an event such as Scumrun (the “Event’) is potentially dangerous and that there are numerous risks associated with my participation.

Such risks and dangers include, but are not limited to, traffic accidents, collisions with pedestrians, vehicles, other drivers, and/or fixed or moving objects, and the negligence of other drivers. Further, you fully understand and realise that participation in the Event may result in serious bodily injury and/or death to yourself or others. You further realise and understand that the route of the Event will require driving on public roadways upon which the hazards of travelling are to be expected. Further, you realise that participation in the Event will require strenuous physical exertion as participants may be required to drive for very long periods of time, sometimes over several days, including the risk of driving through inclement weather.

11.0 – Assumption of the risks. With full knowledge and understanding of the risks associated with your participation in the Event you enter the Event voluntarily and fully accept and assume every such risk for loss, damage, or injury (including death).

12.0 – Organisers Disclaimer. Scumrun Ltd (the “Organiser”) declines liability in any accident caused by or to the participants and their vehicles during the whole of the Event. The Organiser declines any liability for any breach of the laws and regulations of any country detailed in its itinerary.

13.0 – Participants shall be held responsible for any accident or breach of the laws in which they may be involved and shall declare to the Organiser particulars of any such accident from which liability may arise and shall have no claim against the Organiser arising out of any act or omission of the Organiser, its officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents or event sponsors during the course of the Event.

14.0 – No refund of entry fees will be given once entry is confirmed and with less than 6 months prior to the Event. Except with exceptional circumstances will entry be permitted to transfer to the following year but will be decided on a case by case scenario and only considered ‘agreed’ once agreed in writing by the Organiser.

15.0 – Scumrun (the “Organiser”) will disclose your contact details to the Scumrun nominated Charity, this year’s chosen charity partner, which you have agreed to support by signing our terms and conditions. The information provided will allow them to contact you to communicate their aims and objectives and provide fundraising advice and support.

16.0 – Teams must raise funds for the nominated charity as part of the T&Cs of the event, and adhere to fundraising targets where they are outlined and stipulated by the Organiser.