What type of car can I buy?

You are open to purchase any type of car you like, providing that the vehicle meets your chosen Class criteria.  If we don’t believe you we will ask for proof! Modifications are not restricted.

1LTR & £150 1000cc £150 Max
Scumrun Built Not Bought Any Size No Limit
Scumrun Unlimited Any Size £2,000 Upwards
Scumrun Original Any Size £500 Max

What should I bring and what should I wear?

Fancy dress and ‘themes’ are strongly encouraged.  This is a big part of the event, so we love to see you in fancy dress!  There are various prize categories so take a look below for more info on this.  In terms of what to bring, you’ll need your own camping kit, sleeping bag etc.  We highly recommend sharing tents so that space in your car is not all taken up with kit.  While we do normally camp at campsites where food is provided, there are occasions where you’ll be encouraged to eat offsite on your way, or at the campsite so a camping stove is also recommended.  Lots of teams travel in convoy so we also recommend a CB radio as this really adds to your experience.  We’ll advise what channel we’ll be operating on on the ferry if not before.

If entering Scumrun Unlimited then we suggest you bring a sleeping bag and basic food for your cabin accommodation

What about the ferry? When is it, how do I book etc?

You’ll need to make your own ferry booking, but details on how to do this will be provided to confirmed teams much closer to the event.

When do we leave and when do we get back?

The event kicks off with a launch party on Thursday. We return on Monday evening – this won’t be early so we’d strongly taking the following day off work if you can so you don’t feel obliged to rush home when tired.

Where is the launch party? What happens at the launch party? Do I need to go?

Yes.  All teams need to attend the launch party.  The location is a secret until nearer to the time and, again, confirmed teams will be provided with details in due course.
The launch party is an important start to the event.  It’s where registration takes place (there’ll be various forms you need to fill in), and you’ll also need to show your fundraising and pledge totals to the charity so we can work out the overall total so far.  Fundraising does not need to stop at the launch though.  The launch is a great opportunity to meet new and old teams, and there are important briefings that take place as well as entertainment before we leave for Europe to who knows where…

What about the charity? How does this work? Can I raise money for any charity?

No unfortunately not. Each year Scumrun raises funds for a specific nominated children’s charity. Each team has a target of £500 to raise for this charity and we want to make a big difference each year, so teams can only raise funds for this charity. You are welcome to raise funds in whatever manner you feel suits you best. Most teams set up a Just Giving or Virgin Money page, but some teams do use offline methods. You’ll be provided with support packs once the charity has been chosen and the charity team will be available if you need ideas on how to get going. There are various incentives to encourage teams to raise beyond the minimum amount.

I’ve got a friend who wants to join my team last minute? Is this possible?

Yes.  To secure a team space two places must be purchased.  Additional passengers/drivers can be added right up to, and on, the launch party.  We accept payment at the launch party in cash or via credit card.

I’d like to connect with other teams. What’s the best way of doing this?

There are lots of ‘unofficial’ Facebook groups, but follow our main Facebook group and here you can ask questions and post and view photos and videos

What prizes are we competing for?

The overall, prestigious ‘winners’ are the Spirit of Scumrun.  There are other awards as follows:

  • Spirit of Scumrun: Team who have embodied the event’s objectives and ethos.  Got involved, raised money,  made an effort on costume and car, and helped others.
  • Best modified car: As it says on the tin.  Awarded to the car who has been modified/repaired/made over and in doing so has demonstrated a good level of skill.
  • Best dressed car: Best in show for cars.  Basically best fancy dressed/pimped up car.
  • Best dressed Scum: Best dressed team, but not winners of the Spirit award.
  • Fundraising awards: Presented to the top fundraising teams.