GPS Coordinates Tip No.3 GPS Coordinates Tip No.3
One of the biggest frustrations and argument creator in a Scumrun car is “whether Dave entered the coordinates correctly” Unlike telephone numbers if you... GPS Coordinates Tip No.3

One of the biggest frustrations and argument creator in a Scumrun car is “whether Dave entered the coordinates correctly”

Unlike telephone numbers if you get a digit wrong on the coordinates you won’t just get a wrong number you will most likely get a new passport stamp as you enter some other country.
Take your time and if Dave says “it’s near enough” it’s best to ignore him and probably for the rest of the trip if you want to see your family again. Coordinates can come in varying formats and each Sat-Nav is different so if you don’t know how to change your settings you’d best start walking with Dave.
Our advice is simple, enter the coordinates….if you can’t figure out how to enter them its probably best you ask Dave to return the Sat Nav to his Nan and start walking. Once you have the coordinates entered (normally by asking another team how to work your own Sat Nav) it’s also worth double checking these with the address we’ve also given you. If the two show the same then guess what??? you’ve entered them correctly and are ready to go!!
By taking a couple of minutes before leaving to do this you will save that inevitable question later in the afternoon when Dave starts raising the game by asking repeatedly “are we there yet”
You don’t require a Sat-Nav and some teams don’t bother (show offs) as they rely solely on map reading. If you haven’t read a map since Scouts and that was something hand drawn illustrating how to get to the shops then don’t test your intelligence just go out and buy one. A map can sometimes show the most direct route to your checkpoints and destination and be good to adjust your route but the caveat here is someone other than Dave needs to be in charge of map reading.
Most phones have the option to share your location and this is the most valuable bit of kit you could have when getting lost or breaking down. In order for anyone to help they need to know where abouts you are. If you are travelling in a group / convoy then its best to activate ‘find friends’ and look for a new Dave…..sorry no we mean add the others in the convoy. This means no matter whether you get separated at the petrol station or toll lanes you can find them easily.
Whilst the organisers have already driven the route normally more than once we still use Sat Nav and Google Maps and on occasion paper maps. The point being you may come up against traffic or wish to detour for lunch and unless the team aren’t helping the driver you have no way in knowing whether your day is going to be sat listening to Dave about his “wicked night out” or worse someone in the car telling you all about every car he sees on the road inc the year of first manufacture.
When you arrive at the campsite most teams tend to cast all blame on the Organisers re their inability to discover a checkpoint or campsite. Its worth noting at this point that IN EVERY situation like this we have been able to prove this isn’t the case…….how you might ask? Easily………we tell the team to look around at all the other teams who are in the bar who managed to make it without any problems…….who’s the idiot now Dave!

A Sat- Nav is only as good as the maps it contains, make sure you have updated these before leaving the UK. Equally if you have the top of the range Sat Nav make sure your subscription is upto date and it works in Europe.

Not really a tip but as you will soon learn when the ‘route card’ is handed out at the campsite Scumrunners throw all common sense out of the window and leave the campsite like a crowd from Wembley on a mission after a rare victory.

Scumrun Team