Adding Team Members Adding Team Members
Adding Team Members

Teams are now encouraged to get any additional members registered and signed up as we approach the final few months prior to the run. It is important to do this now so that we can have accurate numbers when finalising various elements of the event. 2017 is one of our most adventurous routes yet incorporating many new external elements.

Additional members need to register via the website in the same way the team leader did, if you can’t recall your team name then we suggest entering the lead drivers name and we can do the rest this end. Once registered if you wish to double check everyone is accounted for then please just send us a quick email with the members within the team together with your team name.

New for 2018 Registrations : If the Team Leader logs in, you’ll find an option on the menu to add additional team members.

Registrations can also be taken on the launch day however we would like teams to notify us in advance if they intend to have multiple team members joining on the day and if this is the case please email with these details.

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